Technical description

Packaging dimensions

All dimensions are expressed as internal dimensions in mm as follows:

Length (L) x Width (W) x Height (H)

Length (L): Longer dimension at the opening
Width (W): Shorter dimension at the opening
Height (H): Dimension from the top of the opening to the base
Variable (v, h, h1, b1, b2, o, or others): A variable dimension defined by the design attributes

Manual or automated assembling

Each design style includes one of the following indications:

M: usually manual assembling
A: usually automated assembling
M/A: can be either manual or automated assembling

These indications are based on current practice and are intended to give additional information for specifications and users. Some manually assembled cases can be closed automatically (e.g: 0216 or 0712).

Closure of boxes

Correct and effective closure of the packaging is as important as the packaging construction itself.
The following methods of closures are possible either singly or in combination:
— by gluing, cold or hot
— by taping
— by interlocking
— by stitching

Sheet dimensions

Unless otherwise specified, the dimensions of a corrugated sheet are expressed in mm as follows:

1st dimension x 2nd dimension
1st dimension - along the flute glue lines
2nd dimension - across the flute glue lines

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